Sunday, January 27, 2008

Messed about by the river!

Finished painting the bedroom today although my girl did most of the painting, I had a time out to make all the kids some lunch but got distracted afterwards. I ended up starting a dancing competition and playing DJ on what I designated was our catwalk. We all cut shapes to a theme I specified, from Robots, Fashionistas and models to people in Cars and even Kangaroo's there were loads ha! After going wild for a bit I walked upstairs to a scolding look, I need to seriously remember to complete tasks before moving on to the next ha! After we finished we were so high on the fumes that we decided on going somewhere for a brief adventure. I choose Hall Place so that we could check out the waterfall and mess about by the river. We got there but it's changed a lot since I came here last. The biggest change being a padlock blocking us from getting into the area with the waterfall! Darn! Oh well we had a walk and my boy attempted to cross the river on his red motorbike although chickened out when I told him there were crocodiles about! We eventually found a dip and proceeded to try out stunts. The photos taken are proof that Sony need to up the ante with their camera on their phones. With and without the flash the image was weak but you get the gist of what we were doing. Our romantic scenic pictures ended up looking like a nuclear fall out though hahahaa!!