Saturday, January 26, 2008

Toothpaste on your TShirt makes me so happy!

As you can see from the video posted, no day ever seems to pass without incident, we have a good laugh though. Would have preferred to have got involved with a giant Piano like from the movie BIG. Does anyone actually know where I can find one of them as would be good. One of the things on the list if the lottery win comes along. Decided to up the ante tonight and actually got a ticket so we are in it to win it ha! Come on the numbers and bring on the Piano so that I can play chopsticks, and yes I can actually play that. One of the only things I can play on the piano but there you go...

Made a start on the bedroom and it's coming along, well impressed with the work that my girl has put in as she has really set the pace. Once finished we will probably sit down and watch Edward Scissorhands that I picked up today. DVD's are so cheap now that the format war is going through the winds of change. Speaking of movies watched the Golden Compass yesterday night and what a great film. With it being a trilogy though it was well annoying that it just cut off. Will I pick up the book to find out what happens next? Probably not is your answer!!