Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What to eat tonight?

Dinner time is fun time especially if you enjoy the delight that is food, with it being January and money being tight the fridge isn't exactly bulging. All over the newspapers and radio they speak of everyone having money trouble this time of year so it's clear that everyone is in the same boat. Ah! That's where we differ though as tonight we opened the fridge and we came across a large portion of baby!

Seriously though the image was a mock up as you can see a Joe head down the bottom ready to step in if the stunt should go wrong. If there are any 1 year olds reading this then please do not try this at home. This was conducted under controlled conditions with safety experts nearby and no child was hurt in the making of this article. Anyway today I had the first part of my Group Discussions at work, my manager led and tomorrow it's my turn to be the leader as he is sitting out. Should be good and I am feeling on it this time of year if this was America you would have seen me trying for the Presidency!!