Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Big One

As the opening paragraph states 'Come and join us here at The Drayman'. If you are like a few of my friends who are still undecided we will be here getting on it and seeing in the New Year. I have no idea why people leave their plans so late as I would hate to be indoors this year as I have made loads of new friends and practically everyone of them seems to be getting on it. Bless my mum as she will be looking after my children tomorrow night while both myself and their mother are out.
Not in the same place though but she is also going local to another bar, this is also themed but only with people wearing hats hmmm. She is hyped though and this is the first opportunity both of us have had to get out as we were normally in with the children when we were together. Feeling the beat already, getting loads of calls tonight from people telling me to come out, I so wish I was out both last night and tonight but been too on it over the last fortnight anyway and spent loads. Christmas Eve as an example and I hope I don't get into any random ideas/adventures tomorrow !!