Monday, December 11, 2006

Slow start

Today is Monday and it's a slow start as work seems to be on the wind down at the moment with little being passed over to my department from Customer Service. Reflecting on the weekend and I seriously need to watch my spending if I am to be moving into a house early next year. The next few weeks should reveal a clearer picture anyway and in some ways I am happy to be on it out and about now as next year will be a different story, yeah right.

My phone bill was huge this month but I love talking, just the paying that's annoying. O2 have advised me to change my structure as they think I am paying £100 more than I should, hope that's true as I willl hold them to that haha. Another big event over the weekend was the Chelsea versus Arsenal game and it was a really good match, disappointed not to win because we well deserved to as after going behind to a Flamini goal Essien responded with a goal of the season contender and Chelsea responded with a finish to the game that warranted not just one but several goals. Anyway not to be yet and hopefully Man Utd will drop some points soon so that we can put pressure on them. Work do is only a few days away now and I am hyped and it's the main talking point now. I am apparently going to be told to pace myself, whatever !!