Friday, December 15, 2006

The following day

Woke up this morning feeling blue... haha Feeling lonely more like as my friend who was supposed to be sharing a room with me was no where to be seen. I think my body clock is permanently set to 6am as I woke up and remembered the cricket, wish I hadn't though as we aren't doing too well as I think it's only a matter of days until we lose the Ashes. I was in a dodgy state this morning as it was like the reoccuring dream but you are neither awake or asleep. After a few hours I got jarred so phoned around some numbers I had of friends at the hotel and managed to find some activity so got ready and headed to their room.

They couldn't remember much but they were feeling the effects of the night. I think they had also been wandering the streets at some point haha. They had breakfast service which was extortionate as for the pair of them it was £44 which is crazy. We headed downstairs afterwards and checked out, I just put my door key on the desk as didn't want to be picking up the room bar tab as that kind of got rinsed a little last night. Our journey to work this morning was a laugh and we were like misfits looking really off the pace. Head in hands all the way is what we say haha. Sitting at work now planning for tonight and I have a suspicion that it will be the same as usual with the usual suspects. Let's get the party started...