Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stay tuned

Not much time left until the end of the year now, I was going to try and compile a list of my favourite tunes for the year but instead I have uploaded a couple to listen to so that this blog is more full of life. Still no luck in my quest for a Bow Tie, thought I would give it one last try today but was unsuccessful in finding one. I must be looking in all the wrong places but a word of advice to anyone thinking of undertaking a similar quest. Avoid Bluewater and Bexleyheath as they are Bow Tie No Fly Zones. Anyway weather is a downer at the moment, proper windy, I must be really vain and not notice as I walked into the wind today and my son went 'Dad, your hair' I laughed out loud anyway.

Speaking of my son and he was in proper naughty mode today, I won't go into too much detail of his antics but he labelled me a bastard anyway which was comical but stern faced it all the way. I feel like dry lunch at the moment, two nights in a row now and no night life. Had offers both nights but I know I will spend excess amounts so I am having a quiet before the madness begins. It's going to be crazy anyway and I am looking forward to getting on it. I feel like one of those Japanese ninja's meditating and doing the kicks of of tree stumps before the fight haha. Hopefully I will be able to take many photo's of my night tomorrow but it's an over 25's so I expect that someone will take offence or I will be labelled imature. Sounds good to me haha !!