Friday, December 08, 2006

Passing time

Today has been a weird one, although I woke up feeling like this is a Friday I kind of feel in a boring mood. That should change once I get in though and put on some tunes and start getting ready. Not really sure who of the boys is out tonight but there are a few of the girls out so we are outnumbered and scared haha. Went and got myself a new top at lunch, it looks alright but I only really got it as it has lettering around the botton and if I wear my waist coat that will show underneath. Check me out huh haha.

I think it will be the usual tonight although speaking to my friend he would prefer a night out in London. As much as I would love to accept I can't be bothered as it won't be a cheap night and the cab home will be depressing knowing that it will tear into my already lacking savings. Still got savings though which is good and I am going into 2007 actually improving with my money even if it isn't too considerable. Speaking of journeys I always see people I know on the train at the moment but never break into conversation with them. I get paranoid though as don't want to walk over and be the embarrassing journey they never forget and pointed out when I am out like 'Oh look, it's him...'

I know that's unlikely going to happen but in society there is a thin line, a stigmata almost about talking to members of the opposite sex. So in this paragraph I have come up with two excuses for being ignorant'ish and that is that I don't want to embarrass you and don't want to come across as a flirt. So there's me never making any friends again haha. Have to try and sort out a secret hand signal or something so until then if you are up for a conversation just make an Owl noise. That means that you have already started the embarrassment and anything I do afterwards wouldn't matter as the tone has been set haha. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a plan and I am now ready for my journey home in a better mood than when I started typing so can we Start the Fans Please !!