Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Space

Seems like a really slow week so far but I think that work is on the wind down now in the lead up to Christmas. Kind of don't know where I want to be at the moment, not that I have any choices or anything but feel nerves for Christmas as don't want to let my children down. Preordered the Nintendo Wii but unsure whether I will get that before Christmas now but fingers crossed anyway as I know that is what they want. I hope to be able to play it as well before it disappears down their house. Good news on my front is that the situation with my Grandads house is progressing so I am hopeful that in the near year I will be able to get a mortgage on it with my mum. I also hope to use the mortgage to absorb my debts as well but not sure of all the details and options so it will take a while to sort out first.

Been trying to get to grips with MySpace at the moment as finally decided to make the jump and set one up as so many people were on at me to start posting. It's a good site and great for making friends. I will continue to use this for my blog so my friends who wondered if I were going to desert this, no way as I like writing about the Chronicles of Joe haha. No real pictures to upload at the moment as todays been quiet. With the work party, football, cricket and the weekend almost upon me already my camera will be getting some usage. Tomorrow is my daughters school play as well so I hope to be able to get a few pictures there as she will be playing the role of an Angel which I am looking forward to. Anyway I am off to try and sort out my Viva Pinata garden as at the moment it's not going too well. Can't get my animals to romance at the moment and I am wondering whether in real life I am having the same problem as not really on it at the moment !!