Thursday, December 21, 2006

Call of nature

Went out last night as decided against staying at my childrens due to a disagreement with their mother which I didn't want to go any further. My daughter is a lot better anyway and they were all tired although I think she was a little in disbelief when I said I weren't staying around again and that I would be done in the morning. Bad move as it was a cold walk down to hers this morning but serves me right for not just getting a cab. Anyway back to last night and it was a class night, I had a few double vodka's and Red Bulls and I was soon swinging from the ceiling which was good for my ego but I feel I threatened some of the girls we were with. They were like this guy is crazy but I was just trying to be a pace setter but somehow I think that backfired.

Work up today and after my freezing early morning walk I met up with my children and returned to bed briefly with them. I mean briefly as well as we were soon downstairs watching cbeebies and just chilling out for the day. Going slightly off topic anyway and one thing that has always baffled me is... Why do girls go the toilet together and share a cubicle as what is there of that significance to talk about. Well I kind of nearly have the answer at the moment as I have my very own toilet friend. My son has taken it upon himself to synchronise going to the toilet with me. All though this sounds and is very odd and off key he lines himself along side me to go. So is it the same thing, I know that it won't be but is there anything that I can relate to with my toilet friend. I doubt this will carry over to me and my friends and in all fairness I would begin questioning myself if that did okay as it's strange enough with my son but he seems to clock everytime I need to go and is like a Greyhound after me. 'Wait for me Dad' haha.
Check out the above which arrived today, this was a present from Microsoft and well appreciated and I thank you for such a wicked gift as well wasn't expecting that !!