Sunday, December 10, 2006

A case of dejavu

So it was part two of making friends at the weekend again and I have no idea of what went down in some of these pictures. Looks of astonishment, money being thrown around, novel camera angles and one of my friends trying to not be in any pictures. All in all it was a proper random night and I must try and steer clear of shots as they are very bad haha. I would love to know what the 'special place' I go to when I have had a few drinks is like as I fail to see why I do random things. I love reading the texts and hearing back from people the strange voicemails I have left them the following day but then again least I think of you when I am out and about. Was proper dejavu though as coming home to my children and seeing them asleep all cosy reminded me of a similar night last weekend.

Spent a fair amount of money these last two nights out, even though I promised to take it easy in the build up to Christmas I figure that in the twelve months to follow I don't know where I could end up as life changes so quickly. For example, this time twelve months ago I was planning for a baby and living with my children at their house. Me and their mother were trying to work things out between us, the brief reconciliation didn't last long though and her having a miscarriage before Christmas put a real strain on everything. Anyway that was last year and this is the now, looking forward to the Chelsea versus Arsenal game. Always a well contested game between the two teams and a must win for the Blues to keep pressure on Man Utd but in all honesty I feel the title is their's to lose now as they have the points.