Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Last night was legend, during the day yesterday I had already topped myself up with Red Wine and Vodka. Not combined as one drink but I used my body as the mixer and I think it did the trick. Got to Bexleyheath and Lloyds with my friends and the queue was huge and went right around the corner and on to Bethlehem haha. I had my queue jumper pass, yeah right I just see people I knew and sneaked up bringing people with me like the pied piper haha. Anyway got in Lloyds and figured I would get right on it so straight on the shots and got myself a jug of Vodka Red Bull. Having already secured guest list at Zero Bar after a few drinks at Lloyds I headed there on my own to meet my queen of the night. She was on it and after dancing it up at Zero Bar we were in a bang on mood and she suggested Venue. I couldn't turn down the offer and we had it up for hours there before heading home in the early hours. Venue was a blur to me as don't recall too much but I know it was a good one !!