Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We can achieve anything

You know I have been on it with this blog, normally I would get tired of trying to be consistant to a project. Take my football training for example as that lasted less than three months, got jarred as my friends were always on my case to go out on the same day as training. No different tonight as I am going out for a few drinks and to party on a school night so tomorrow should be fun at work. Doubt I will get to on it anyway it just depends who is out. Anyway on to my Achievement and this is due to this post being a milstone as so far I have managed to type up a hundred posts which I think is good. You should see the size of my hands and arms at the moment I am like Popeye. Not really but I hope you have a lasting image of me looking big as I look in the mirror every day and it just ain't happening haha !!