Saturday, December 02, 2006

I am a Human

That's right I am a human, and that is how it went down last night. I spoke to so many girls last night for an experiment to create a random ice breaker. Was well funny as I would just tap them on the shoulder and introduced myself with the following sentence 'Excuse me, I am a human'. First reaction is one of confusion but they soon get involved and start chatting. Anyone who says they can't talk to members of the opposite sex what are you doing as just go with it. I love being random it's what sets us all apart and makes us unique humans.
Went up Bexleyheath before going to Dartford last night, was meeting a few crowds of people out and everyone was on it. Had some laughs in Lloyds with the 'I am a Human' tilt and then we moved on to Dartford where I was a little nervous at getting blagged getting in but there was nothing to be worried about as it was straight in and onto the dancefloor. Was so funny being recognised through the night as the Human. Being pointed out from a group and a gasp of 'Look, it's the human from Lloyds'. That's right I was there and found it hard to believe they had never seen a human before haha. Didn't stay until the end as left to get a cab home and meet up with my friends. It went off over the cab office as there was combat, rioting, gunfire, kidnapping, spies and all sorts going off. The Police were everywhere and out of everything I had some mad conversations with people and went off into the night to dream of spies.
Anyway today is Saturday and go on the England, our cricket boys have responded well to Australia winning the first Ashes test and it was officially the Collingwood and Pieterson show. They smacked it and well loving that we are doing well, the joke in which the question is asked 'What's the difference between England and water - Australians can't walk on water' may not be so true after all as it's not about us being walked over. Not sure what the plans are today, it's my brothers birthday and just watching Arsenal versus Spurs after a fun morning teaching my children how to play Gears of War and my boy was well into the braces so I gave him the fix up to look sharp hahaha....