Thursday, December 28, 2006

Steady Build Up

Got my plans sorted for New Years Eve now and I am well feeling what's in store. I am going to a James Bond themed night based on Casino Royal. I think it sounds quality as the boys have to dress like Bond and the girls have to come as Bond Girls. The venue is also transforming the front into a casino and on entry we get $10,000 dollars to play Roulette, Black Jack and Craps. This is definitely the way and I have been on it trying to get as many people to come as possible.

Once sorted I moved on to Bluewater to try and find myself a Bow Tie and see if I can find the trousers that match my waist coat. No luck with the trousers and couldn't find a Bow Tie in any of the shops but mainly as I was doing the guy thing and not asking and chasing my son about as he was in naughty mode. Went to see a friend in one of the shops and he was on it but not as crazy as he can be. Seems funny saying to people that I won't be seeing them until next year but with only a few days left 2007 is well and truly almost upon us. Going out tonight with my friend and trying to create a theme for the night we have decided to just get messy...