Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pictures from the past

These pictures are what I had stored on the PC at my childrens house, went around there after work for a couple of hours as it sounded like their mum was up against it when I spoke to her. Now that she is working she is finding it hard juggling her normal routine and I'm happy to be there to offer assistance to the cause. Got a call from her earlier in the day that made me laugh, where I have added a picture of Sarah Harding into one of my earlier posts I told her sisters I was properly with her. This is made up as I stated afterwards as it was my sister that saw her over Bluewater and got on her case for a picture. Anyway her sister has since gone on to tell all her friends at her school and now she is going to have to play along with it as she doesn't want to have to go around dismissing it now. My apologies to you there although I am feeling quite good to have become a talking point of your school haha. Onto the pictures and the images directly below are taking of firstly Major Nelson and myself at an even held in London two years ago to embrace community. The others images are from last year when I was in America for the console launch and I met some wicked people there who I went to Hollywood with for a photo opportunity. We have to meet up soon for a drink fellas as it's been too long...

The remaining pictures of from my childrens holiday, they went with their mum and her parents for a few weeks. Wanted to take them on holiday with me but due to money issues and trying to get back on my feet after taking on the whole debt we had managed to accumulate over the time we were together I had to cancel the holiday I was planning. These images look like they had a tonne of fun though so at least they got to have one holiday this year !!