Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I feel tired

Had an eventful night last night, I stayed around my childrens house as with everyone at mine either off work and I doubt really feeling an early rise with a wake up from my children. Figured that she would stay out as she was going out for the night to do what ever she gets up to. Anyway she returns in the early hours to us all asleep and my daughter having been sick in her sleep. Now forgive me for any wrong I had done wrong here but being labelled a poor father seemed a little unjust. Anyway regardless of any banter we sorted out my daughter, to me this situation I had already gone through with my boy several days earlier. Dreading that I will get this on Christmas as something always seems to hit me although the majority of times in the past it's self inflicted.

After lack of sleep it was an early rise with the energy boy who made me aware that he was bored straight away and wanted to go out. The majority of the morning was taken up though caring for my daughter. Felt harsh on him as she had the main share of attention but once their mother returned from work me and the boy headed to Bexleyheath for shopping and also to catch something to eat. Not really a fan of McDonalds but he persisted and we eat there before heading home. I decided against staying around their house again and that I would go out tonight to meet up with friends and to come to them in the morning to look after them as I did today whilst she worked. Got to work Friday which is a downer but least I am having a few days to laze about with them. I doubt Friday will be on it that much anyway.