Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Early bird doesn't get to see England win the Second Test

More of the same today at work, was busy and didn't really have time to take time out to catch up on stories. The day started on a bit of a downer as England lost the Second Test in the Ashes. I was optimistic that we would get something from the game but as with the World Cup earlier in the year it just doesn't look like it's meant to be. Good effort from the boys though but Australia were just too strong and didn't show signs of losing once in gear. Speaking of gears I managed to complete Gears of War tonight, parents if you are looking for a present to purchase someone it's all about this game as it's quality.

One of the main discussion points at work was the work party as it's just over a week away now and it should be good. Not sure whats on the agenda at the moment but what we have been told is that it will be something to eat, drinks and then crashing out in a hotel. Sounds good to me anyway and looking forward to seeing everyone wrecked. At the last work do's I have ended up crashing at people's houses, hotels and I even took a golf ball in the mouth. This was through my own fault though as it wasn't even midday and we were wrecked trying to play Urban Golf and I hit the ball which hit the ceiling and came back and whacked me in the mouth. This is just some of what went down so next week should be eventful to say the least.

On the down start to the day it ended well with Chelsea winning 2-0 against Levski Sofia and topping their Champions League group. Goals from Shevchenko and a first from Shaun Wright-Phillips for the club led us to victory and a break from Europe for the next few months. In the same group Barcelona also won beating Werder Bremen 2-0 to insure that the two favourites progress. Watched the Chelsea game around my childrens house and played with them for a while. There were a few things that needed sorting out in their house as well which I did whilst their mother popped to her friends. After all this I walked home to complete my game and head to bed. Feeling the Christmas vibe proper now so hopefully more people will get in the mix over the week !!