Thursday, December 07, 2006

Put your hands up, put your hands up !!

Not sure what was up with my group last night, they all appeared to be camera shy. Never a problem with me but I don't necessarily ever look good but I still get on the act haha. It was only my friend and myself on it and we were out to meet his girlfriend and some of her friends. It was a funny night as me and my friend were lively and messing about to the karaoke, pretending to cry to the emotional songs and over doing it with the dancing.

I think I over did it at times but I had a laugh out although I never once felt like stepping up to sing. I just can't do it haha, I sound like Zed from Police Academy or the Tasmanian Devil. My friend loves a sing though but tonight he wasn't in the mood for getting up with the mic. It was a good night though and at close we walked home, mine a slightly longer distance than his from the pub but where it was windy I was soon blown home and through my front door !!