Saturday, December 16, 2006

Learning to dance professionally

Okay so still hung over from the previous nights adventures it was Friday night and in looking for my passport I stumbled upon a childs book with some dance moves. You know that this is going to be the way tonight as I believe that the illustrations provide seven steps to being the perfect dancer. I was out with the girls tonight to have a few drinks and to meet up with some of the boys who had gone to a retirement party. Got picked up in a cab quite late into the night but having Vodka at home meant that I weren't pacing for a drink but topping up on last nights party mood. The journey was comical as I was talking to the driver about his favourite songs and trying to get him to tag along with us for the night but I think that I scared him a little.
Went to one of the girls houses at the start of the night and got on the wine and orchestrated with some advice on what to wear. Only to be called a Bi-Sexual, thanks for that as I was only trying to assist you in giving you some friendly advice haha. By the time we got to Dartford I was already in first gear and moved straight onto the dance with my handbook to spread the word and to teach the ways of Marcie who loves dancing, Gymnastics and Ballet practice. Sounds like my type of girl so I went in look for anyone who could dance like her as I like the way SHE moves....
The book worked as I managed to talk to loads of people and the club was packed as well as there were a lot of faces out that I have come to know over the last few months. We rocked anyway and by the end of the night I think I had done so many laps of the place that I beat my times in the Go Karting the previous day haha. I really enjoyed my night and it was a shame that it ended before I had the chance to get on stage like Mr Motivator and get everyone working the seven steps haha. Too much fun for me anyway and I went home to dream of starting my own fame academy !!