Monday, December 18, 2006

Spill those beans

Last night was funny, parents party could have been a rival to one of P Diddy's haha. It was good and a few of my friends turned up to ponder with me whether to go out. It was good to see family and friends together and after a few drinks and food me and my friends moved on to Bexleyheath. By the time we walked in the club we were a couple of people down as some couldn't face another night out. Anyway though me and my friend stayed about for a bit speaking to the usual faces and then moved on to another bar before heading back to my house. I was in a good mood as after seeing Chelsea win with three quality goals from Ballack, Lampard and a proper match winner from Drogba, it was good to see Man Utd drop three points losing at Upton Park. Anyway after the party had finished I went to sleep hoping to wake up to a winning performance from England in the Ashes but I will save writing about it as I won't even go there.

Today has been a strange one, after falling out with my childrens mother at the weekend she is back to the usual ways about money. She criticises me and my crowd and aspects about me but when I tell her something about looking closer to home she hits the roof. Her friend texts me and acuses me of being a liar, why would I really be bothered as it's not like I gain. The way I see it is that people say that love can make you blind but I think friendship can do the same as well. Your friends know a lot about you as they are there all the time they know what bothers you and everything so they can orchestrate. Do some people just not see that, I may be referred to as a puppet the way I walk about when drunk but you don't pull my strings 'Cos I'm a better man moving on to better things. I hate when things fall back as she has been my friend this last month and it's good as I see my children but now all that seems to have been for nothing. In one week it's Christmas so I am hyped, I have set up bear traps in the garden and got trip wire and flash grenades ready to try and catch me a Santa ho, ho, ho !!