Friday, December 15, 2006

The finish line

Okay so I still have a job so I know I didn't do anything that could be classed as gross misconduct. Yesterday was quality, didn't start drinking as early as we did at the last company event but that's a good thing as we were wasted then. The last event we had was Urban Golf, at that I managed to hit the ball and it came back at me and hit me in the mouth. If I can do something like that playing Golf just think what I could do in Go Karting. One of my friends did little to reassure me as he told me that he hit the barriers before and was thrown from the cart. I was up for it though and really looking forward to getting behind the wheel again as I haven't been driving for ages.

We were briefed on the driving and dressed up in all the proper racing gear, we were then told the basics of the racing and split into teams. Where the Go Karts are electric the rules are that there are two cars per team and after five laps you have to pit and send the other team member off and put the Kart on charge. Everyone enjoyed this and it was very competitive, I was nervous at first but after a few laps I got a real feel of the Kart and was on it. As part of the experience they timed everything and the overall winners got on the podium for trophies and champagne. We finished half a lap behind the eventual winners in fourth position. Would have been good to get the trophy as a memento of the day but hopefully next time. I found a Police car and got my picture taken in it and whats novel is the actual photo ID is 999 haha !!
At this point the drinking started as with champagne now doing the rounds there was also wine and beers available whilst we waited for the cabs to pick us up and take us to the hotel. After a few drinks they arrived and the tempo had been raised and everyone was in fine spirits. I was winding the cab driver up telling him that I thought he was a murderer taking us all these back routes to his lair. When my friend in another cab called to see where we were he got the update that our Cab driver had run over a motorcyclist. The tempo had now been set and it was clearly going to be a messy night.

After a pit stop at the hotel and a quick shower to get ready for the rest of the night it was down stairs in the hotel for Secret Santa. This was a good laugh and everyone had on all their carefully chosen gifts which I won't elaborate on too much haha. From here we moved on to the Hard Rock Cafe and at this point it starts to become a bit blurred as we were drinking and being loud and although I think we ordered food I don't know whether it actually ever arrived at our table. Still though we worked through the cocktails and I seemed to bounce from table to table. At one point I went outside briefly with everyone and then suddenly everyone was gone and I was sat on the otherside of the road hmmm.

After returning inside to meet up with everyone we all moved on to the club. I was in a bad way at this point and I walked through to the back of the club where the rest of our party were and in coming down the stairs I think the heat of the club hit me and I felt well rough. So I asked one of the bouncers where the toilets were as I weren't feeling good and my colleagues asked him to take me to the door to get some fresh air. I don't really remember much of what was said here but I was informed that said to a girl that I work with 'Don't let them take me' haha. At this point being escorted to the door I pass this girl moving to the music and move onto her to the annoyance of my escorting bouncer who ejects me from the club and not allowing me to enter again. At this point I just figured homeward bound but ended up in the hotel and just crashed out.