Monday, December 04, 2006

I think I want a baby

Alarming I know for a guy to feel broody and No I am not going to partner and have children for the sake of it as I have all I need in my son and daughter. I just see so many people lately pushing around push chairs and carrying babies around. Their small clothes, first steps and the whole package. I don't know call me random, but I know I am real and I love being a dad. Think my boy made me feel like this, last night I was laying with him in bed and he didn't want me to go home. He got so close to me and made sure that he was touching my face, my hair and holding me tight. I've missed a big chunk of his growing up years and although he has a good memory now I think that he struggles to understand mine and his mothers situation. This happened at his house anyway as I went back there yesterday to sort them out and get them ready for bed. Just to give their mother a break as she wasn't feeling too good yesterday. Made me laugh at mine as he said to my mum that he didn't want to go home he wanted to stay with his Daddy on my bed. My Mum asked him where my bed was and in a stern voice he pointed at the sofa and told her that was my bed haha.

Work was different today, the tides are changing and I am a teacher now haha. Yeah right, I am the master teaching my padawan like in Star Wars. Going to take me a while to perfect the teachings of what I do but the new starter at my work made me feel special as he was taking notes and following what I was doing and asking questions which made me feel important. Hopefully I can get him up to speed quickily as be useful for me as the workload has picked up considerably since my colleague has stepped up to take over management of the floor while the other managers are on maternity. See more pregnanacy issues going down.

After work I went shopping with my friend, was kind of worried that there would be no parking but there was loads of free spaces. I was well hungry and she made me starve, I am messing she didn't really as we just shopped it up and checked out quite a few stores. They had a well novel chocolate fountain where you put your chocolate kebabs underneath and have something very chocolatie I guess. She just had to get some presents, where I was on the prowl for more ideas. I am quite glad in some ways that I don't have a credit card at the moment as I would be on it getting my children so much stuff as I have seen loads of things. We tried on a few things, I even got on it with the make-up but in all honesty what I put on me looked like scars around my eyes haha. After shopping we headed home and at the top of my road there is this proper random Christmas display that was well funny. Santa was waving at us so we had to share the love, not sure what was up with my camera and pictures in the dark but here is one from my phone and one from hers haha !!