Sunday, December 03, 2006

Can leopards change their spots ??

Some dodgy penalty decisions yesterday during the matches played, this season is going to be hard for Chelsea to retain the title. By the time that Chelsea next play if Man Utd win their other game they will be nine points clear. Still though if we pass them then it will be the best season because it will mean that we have earnt it. Still looking good in the Ashes at the moment, not really much of a cricket follower but loved the Ashes last year and loving that we seem to be doing okay now in Australia. My brothers birthday went well yesterday, everyone got together to celebrate his special day. I figured I would try and work through as much Vodka as possible as I was meeting up with some friends in Dartford. Couldn't be bothered to pay for a cab so I opted for the bus journey and it may as well have been a cab as I was the only one for the majority of the journey. Spoke to my childrens mum while on the bus and she never changes as it's like two steps forward and then two steps back. I would never throw things in her face, as far as she knows she is the only person I have ever been with haha I am messing. I admit I am not a Saint but I try and be fair, oh well it's like what the say about Leopards and Spots.
We had a good night but everywhere seemed a little bare, I suppose everyone is holding back due to Christmas but like I said I am celebrating already haha. Was recognised still from the 'I am a Human' vibe and it was funny that people had really connected with me through that. I go through the over 25's bar now as going through the front is like a lottery as to whether I will get in all night. This way I can come through to the other club from upstairs which is better anyway as we have more rooms to have it out in this way haha. Was pulled up by the bouncer who barred me though during the night and he had a few words with me but he was safe and we have an understanding. We stayed through the majority of the night but me and my friend moved on before close and headed home. I got in to my two children asleep in the front room and I crashed out with my boy as he was looking well cosy.
Not really got any plans for today, I am debating whether to go and pick up a copy of Pirates of the Carribean; Dead Mans Chest as I love that movie. I did want to get it for my children for Christmas but no harm in getting it now I suppose. I was considering going out tonight but don't think I can be bothered and plus money as want to keep it tight this month so people just don't get assortment packs for presents hahaha !!