Tuesday, December 19, 2006


That's right finally picked up the Nintendo Wii, had a nervous week waiting on my preorder call but today I got the result in picking up the console. Well tempted to get Zelda but I resisted for the time being as it's theirs and don't want to take over. Moving into my house next month hopefully if all goes well so may consider picking up another so that they haven't got to keep transporting it about from place to place. Hopefully if all goes to plan over the next couple of days I will have my Christmas shopping done before Christmas Eve. Have a few things still to get though but struggling to find something suitable.

Went Bluewater tonight and it was a rush to do a few laps of shopping and to find a decent shirt for the weekend. Picked up a few bits and then succumbed to my children telling me that they wanted TGI'S. If only they actually ate it though as they were just interested in the milkshakes and doing the colouring with the childrens books they provided. Had some stickers as well which kept us busy until the food arrived and then after that headed home.