Friday, December 29, 2006

It was too messy

Me and my friend had a crazy night and from the pictures the morals of do not do's in life are as follows; Do not drink and drive; Do not gamble; Do not accept stolen goods; Do not make 15ft straws in pubs as it makes you look slightly immature but who cares huh hahaha. Me and my friend were on form and we certainly lived up to the billing as it was off key from the start. Trying to get more people on it while our journey started didn't work too well at all, our friends were just like what are you two on. We were Pirates of the Caribbean, that's what we thought anyway. I made him a CD a while back with the theme tune and we christined his car the Black Pearl and headed around Dartford one way. We got some classic looks but people knew there were pirates about though haha.
So into the first bar we went and shots and Rose were the order of play, I tried to get us 16 glasses to drink from but they said the maximum I could have was four so we settled for that. Managed to get a biscuit to go with my shots but I traded this for a muffin as the biscuit didn't look too appealing. Then some friendly faces arrived and we got in the mix with them and then got to making a huge straw combining most of the straws in our vacinity haha.

After this we headed to another bar and then on to Air and Breathe, didn't last long in the bar as my friend put us down for karaoke so I had my engine running to leave and we soon headed for the club. We queued for a while and eventually after reaching the front the bouncers had decided I had, had too much to drink and told me to come back in 30 minutes. I left contacted a few people picked up two kebabs and headed off to meet my chariot which I am over using lately.

Today has been a lazy one, proper been on it with the Nintendo Wii with anyone who came into our zone. Tonight although I would love to be on it I am having a drink indoors and carrying on the Wii action awaiting NYE which I think will be a good one !!