Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bringing things up to date

Been a lot of technology announcements the last few days and forth coming releases as well. Over the next few weeks we have the imminent arrival of the rest if the consoles to compete with Microsoft's Xbox 360. The PS3 which sadly won't be reaching us until March '07 and the Nintendo Wii which is on course for release 8th December. We also have the Microsoft Zune which is set to compete with Apple's ipod and it's something I am interested in as I have a lot of music and it looks novel especially as it interacts with the Xbox 360.

Moving onto the Xbox 360 as well and some big news this week regarding the Marketplace as they are now getting ready to step up with their content delivery. This is being referred to as mainstream media or MSM if you want to be up with the internet lingo, I bet you do. Here's the lowdown anyway; Beginning on its first anniversary, November 22, Xbox 360 will become the first gaming console in history to provide HD TV shows and movies directly to gamers in their own living rooms. Xbox 360 gamers will be able to download full-length TV shows to own, and will be able to rent movies via download from the Xbox Live® network, the world leader in online distribution of high-definition gaming and entertainment content. For further information go here...

Other announcements with the Xbox 360 console was regarding the HD DVD player set to be released soon. To get this to run it requires 4.7 million lines of code, if like me you didn't know that number existed then prepare to be amazed by the technical team by reading their blog entry
here... Very impressive and I don't envy the persons who's job it was to count that haha. Anyway I will have more on these when they drop on their release dates.

Something else that will effect more than just the gamers in the world is the release of Microsofts next operating system Windows Vista. Now this has been a long time coming and had a lot of delays but I was informed by my MVP team in the UK that they had reached a Release to Manufacturer date of January 30th 2007. Everyone prepare to get involved then as otherwise you WILL be history haha.

Video: Windows Vista JimAllchin RTM Announcement

On to events in my life and although today wasn't as exciting as some of the stories listed above I got to see my Grandad in hospital this evening. He is a real fighter and although at the moment he doesn't look to strong he is getting better. He can't speak anymore and I don't think that will change but the nurses informed us that he is very dependant and where he is no rehydrated he is a lot stronger. So much so that they may be able to fit something referred to as a 'peg' which will help him to eat. You're the man Grandad and hopefully you will be out of there for Christmas. It brought me to tears seeing him trying to explain to us what he meant but he is getting there.

Not sure what my plans are for the weekend but hopefully be able to get on it at some point !!