Thursday, November 16, 2006

So it's Thursday... Already !!

The weeks are passing by so quickly and although I well enjoy the weekend I feel like my life is in fast forward. Busier at work at the moment so probably why the time is passing by as there is no real gaps in play during calls at work. Was funny this afternoon as the blokes toilets are broken and up on the top floor we have two single toilet one male and the other female. The male toilet was occupied so I figured I would just use the female one. Anyway in here I found a mobile phone that someone had lost. I returned to my desk with the phone and sent an email around to the company saying that 'I have found a phone in the girls toilets, if no one claims it at the end of the day it's going on Ebay'. Straight away the responses were - Joe, what were you doing in the girls toilets haha. As it was someone who worked there's phone we started cranking people who also worked in the company, ringing and hanging up and abusing them. Was quite funny anyway until HE came and claimed it haha. So there were two of us blokes using their toilets huh.

My anticipation for Christmas this year is building which is good, looking forward to it this year. Shame I had to blow out my holiday with my children to Lapland but I hope I will get the opportunity at some point while they are still young. Trains were well busy on my journey home, I accidentally missed the handle and elbowed some woman in the face, whoops sorry about that. She was cool though but I sense Voodoo will come my way soon. Didn't get to see the children tonight so as per the last few evenings I am again playing Gears of War. Seriously if you like games this is a really good game to pick up. Although there are probably people that think BORING, I don't care, I laugh at you watching Coronation Street and Eastenders so laugh at me because I'll point you in the direction to 'Get outta my Pub'. Kind of feel like I have a lot to write lately with whats on my mind, things in my life and the stories I follow so bear with me if A doesn't necessarily point to B. Some where in here is me trying to put it all together. To the left, to the left... Edit: Here's some Gears of War goodness that I 'borrowed' from other sites...

This is quite a moving trailer for the game which to me is kind of a tone setter, showing the magnitude of what you are up against. The song is also well chosen as well and sounds much better than both Eastenders and Coronation Streets theme tunes haha.

Here's a review that is also 'borrowed' and if I were to be able to use Jedi powers and make someone else speak on my behalf about the game then this is what you would see haha. He sums it up well and it shows a fair amount of the action and scenes during the video !!