Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How cold is it

Yesterdays parents evening was eventful, kind of felt like I was transparent though but my children held me up like a legend. Rarely have the opportunity to get to their school due to work commitments so when I marched on to the playground it was a good feeling hearing 'Daddy' yelled out from across the other side and my daughter running over with her arms open. My boy had gone to the shop with one of the other parents and when he returned I received a similar greeting from him yelling to everyone at the top of his voice holding my hand and pointing at me informing people 'this is my dad'. Was worth going to the parents evening just for that moment.

I had told my daughter previously that my name in Spanish is pronounced 'Hosai' but spelt like Jesus. Her friends were all calling me Dad until she told them my name, I corrected her saying I was Jesus remember and she told her friends that it was true. Was well funny hearing that as I was running around with them as it sounded so out of place... 'Jesus came last in the race' to which I replied 'Running isn't one of Jesus's strong points' hahaha. Meeting the teacher was alright but I felt the conversation was directed at their mother as if I wasn't there. Was hurt and all the things I wanted to ask just lay quiet inside me. She told us that my daughter is doing very well and that she is impressed with her work and that she has a gorgeous smile. She also said that she is coming out of her shyness a bit now as the last year she has been quiet. I jumped in here to correct them both that she is far from shy and that the real reason she may not be open is likely due to us breaking up. Stating that it's a big thing for her and that she is probably just coming to terms with everything as is my boy. They were open mouthed but at least I added something to the mix if not what I wanted so instead I purchased a few academic books for her to get into and then after tearful goodbyes it was on home.

How cold is it though as I can't handle this temperature at all. My evening warmed me up though as watched the Blues take the wind out of Barcelona with a late strike in the death to earn Chelsea a point but made a statement. All the goals were good and the scoring was started by Deco with a powerful strike, it wasn't until the second half we equalised with a wicked goal from Frank Lampard. Ronaldinho with some good skill set up Chelsea old boy Gudjohnsen for the next goal and what seemed like payback for the comments in the press. Then right at the end in extra time Drogba struck from Terry's knock down and we are a point away from the last 16 now. Go on the Chels and congratulations to Stevie G for getting his first goal of the season in Liverpool's 3-0 win, the other goals scored by Garcia. Looking good for our teams so far and hopefully more of the same tonight from Man Utd and Arsenal !!