Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Make mine a doughnut

Okay so no idea what the title has to do with the post but anyway moving on. Work is well busy at the moment and with new people starting and my direction at the company changing all the time it's hectic. Worked longer than usual today but I am happy as well want to push myself now to get some extra skills and show my worth. I'm finally getting the picture that work isn't just an extension of my social life but the main ingredient in getting all things ;
Holly: I mean, you know why she's marrying him, don't you?
Robbie: The money thing? Security? A nice house? I guess that's important to some people.
Holly: No, it's not important to some people, Robbie. It's important to ALL people.
Robbie: Really? Well, then I guess I'm in big trouble.

A quote from a wicked film The Wedding Singer, and I kind of feel like Robbie Hart from that film at the moment. Without the wedding and also a real lack of singing but in that to get anywhere you need money. I think I feel like this because it's near Christmas, I love Christmas but want to be able to buy everyone I know something of value to what they are worth to me and some people I consider priceless so what do I get them. Answers on a post card and you may be elevated onto this list haha. This seems to be spiraling and I'm not depressed by this but just so wish I would hit a run of luck. Be quality to win a large sum of money, this blog would be on it with stories then but as if that's likely going to happen. Would love to think up the next big internet concept, like the person who traded up a paperclip for a house or sold the advertising space to make a million. YouTube for example, what's next is anyone's guess but there's probably someone in a similar position to me now hunched over a PC under the stairs like me with that very idea and I would like to say I hate you haha.

I'll leave with some pictures of my children at school and I'm off now to dream of doughnuts !!!!!!!