Saturday, November 25, 2006

More shoes

After a chilled night yesterday the plan was to get on it, was late home in the morning to have my children but unlike before there was no argument which was good. We even spoke about our plans for the evening and we mentioned meeting up at some point over the night. Had to go and get that pair of shoes I was after earlier in the week today. The offer was buy one pair and get the other half price, I was lucky they allowed me to get the second pair half price a few days later, result. Also picked up some braces today and a scarf, you know I am reading too much into fashion. It was alright over Bluewater and had a laugh getting my boy to try on some wigs from the store models haha.
Over the course of the day I spoke to a few of my friends and the plans for tonight are looking good. It's another birthday and it looks likely that we will be meeting at Zero Bar and then everyone moving on from there. Should be a good night, well feeling Venue again as a few of the girls are going there for their cousins birthday !!