Friday, November 17, 2006

Emergence Day

That's right today I am coming out, actually it's more significant than that as today is the launch of the PS3 but more importantly Emergence Day is the release of Gears of War in the UK. Get involved people as this game is a must buy. Microsoft seem very confident today as the Metro may as well have been an Xbox magazine as front to back it was full of Xbox 360, Games, Vision and hyping up the high definition experience.

My day started well, barely was it 8:00 when my friend was on the phone telling me that tonight is the night and trying to arrange where to meet up. The boy is eager I will give him that and looking forward to getting with his mood later. Spoke to my childrens mum on the phone while at the station, she is doing a wicked job being a single mum but she finds it hard sometimes with my boy and she was telling me that even the school have said he is hard work. I just think he is misunderstood but going to have to work more with her to 'Train' him haha.

Was running late today but got a call on the train from a treacle who was also running late and was on my train. Only thing was though she was at one end and I was at the other, had to trek right down the carriage bumping into people and nearly falling over. Spoke about their plans for the weekend, they are also feeling payday next week like me and that it can't come soon enough haha. I'll see if I can get some feedback from any of my friends that got a Playstation 3 today from over the pond and get some comments. I expect they will be on it with that though instead of chatting on Messenger. Until later anyway...