Sunday, November 19, 2006

This is how we do it...

I have to be the longest person ever to get ready, after travelling home on the train and rushing about to get ready I finally made it to the pub with minutes to spare before we headed off on the train. We all stopped at the off license before travelling and I got myself some vodka to get myself well on the pace. Train journey was quite quick and after a quick posing photo opportunity on the train it was off to see the wonderful wizard of New Cross. Haven't been Venue in about six months so was well up for having a good night and wasn't disappointed..

Didn't really stay in the main room much as for me it's all about the Indie room and it was for everyone else as well so we got proper on it. Jumped about and busted some moves and interacted with a few people. Had a well comical night that carried on through the morning as well. Looking forward to going to the Venue again as it was good and made a change from the usual haunts.

Ended up going to the park later in the day and they have changed the whole set up of the park we went to so it was like going to a whole new park haha. My friend came around in the afternoon and we all went together and played on the swings, slides etc. Some parents stay rooted to the spot and come across so boring but me and my friend were running and jumping around and so much that at some stages I reckon we enjoyed it more than the children haha !!