Sunday, November 26, 2006

It had to be done twice

I don't know what is up with my eyes in these pictures as I look like I have been drinking, had a well good night last night and I admit I had a few drinks. Journey home could have been better but I lost my crowd and ended up on the bus home getting proper jarred. Regardless of the journey home the night started in Zero Bar in Bexleyheath for a friends birthday. His birthday was last week but where he was in Brazil he is celebrating it now. There was a good turn out as well and everyone was laughing at my shoes, they said in a good way as they were bold. I think they look quality, black and white brogues are the way haha. Another group here were my childrens mum and her friends, they were in good spirits as well and were even considering coming to the Venue with us but blew it out to stay in Bexleyheath.

The title of this post says it all really as last week we had a wicked night at the Venue so we just had to go there again this week. We weren't disappointed either as walking out onto the Main Room we were greeted by Queen who were the act for the night and the Freddie Mercury figure was legend as he got well into it and had the place rocking. After having it out for a bit I got a text to go down to the basement floor where the girls were. They were in a vibing mood and were well on it to the tunes played in that room. Also ventured into the Indie room over the course of the night and all the floors there was a good atmosphere so just mixed it up from floor to floor over the night.

As the night wore on I was getting calls and messages and tried to respond to them by making a call by the entrance to the club. I was stopped here by the bouncers who told me that I was damaging the reputation of the club due to me wearing my trousers too low. Admitedly I was wearing a belt and braces and they were still almost sitting under my bum but to pick me up on it was comical. He then lifted my Jeans up and put the braces over my shoulder and told me to go back into the club. I turned and obeyed as didn't want to end up outside on my own, in walking down the stairs I sorted out my clothing again returning the braces to my side and putting my Jeans where I wanted them and got to moving on the dance floor again.
Ended up losing everyone by the end of the night anyway, not sure where everyone went but I got a bus home and apart from a bumpy journey I managed to get home fine. Had a few hours sleep then I was up with the children who were in play mode so no time to rest... Edit : Got this picture of us on the Venue website, wicked photo I look well shifty hahaha...