Monday, November 27, 2006

The mission...

Moving on and how quickly did the weekend pass by as can't believe it's back to work already. Yesterday I didn't do too much as just lazed around with the children as didn't have too much sleep having stayed at the Venue until the morning. I was woken up by my boy jumping on my head wanting me to play so had to get with it. He was wicked later though as the day was all about hugs and him and my daughter laid with me and watched the football. My daughter moved on swiftly but my boy stayed the whole first half before going downstairs. I followed as was feeling tense by this point as we were a goal down.

It was a well contested match and I proper enjoyed it as both teams had their chances. Saha opened the scoring with a well placed short that curled around both JT and Ricky (Carvalho) and beat Cudicini by the post. Chelsea were poor in the first half and I was pleased with the substitutions in the second half as it added a whole new dimension to our play. It wasn't long before Ricky pulled us level with a powerful header that from replays came off of Saha. Regardless it was deserved and I think that Chelsea could have nicked it at the end.

Had a drama start to the day, woke up and had a mission, shower wouldn't work properly so was rushed to leave, ran to the station and figured that I was on it to be in on time. Got to London Bridge and the tubes were messed up and when I got to work we were man down with my team as my colleague was off ill. Did alright though and although it was busier it wasn't like the other week. Anyway glad today is over as Monday's are tough, here's to Tuesday haha !!