Monday, November 20, 2006

Self destruct

Monday was a very hectic day as over the weekend the servers that hold my companies customers underwent migration to a higher capacity which wasn't too successful. So as with any 'mess up' the customers were not very happy with the outcome and so today was a heated one. I also made an Eeek by somehow uploading my blog wrongly and it messed up the coding of the page. I know this as I type from the future to update on the days events haha. No real events Monday other than coming home and getting on Viva Pinata. I rate Gears of War as one of the best games I have played in a long time both visually and the action is wicked but... Viva Pinata is like digital crack at the moment. I find myself trying to coax animals into my garden and feed them to try and make them evolve into other species or just so that they will 'romance'. Yes I am getting well into this and still can't understand why Squirrels aren't attracted to my garden as I have beautiful trees and you must come and see the lights Ahhhh !!