Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One year on...

One year ago today I was in America for the launch of the Xbox 360 console, this was in the Mojave Desert at Zero Hour and it was a wicked event. I was able to go to this as I was invited by Microsoft to attend and they didn't hold back either as it was a well organised event. I was well nervous as due to coming from England there were a few crews that wanted to interview me. Now this didn't always go too well as the first one I had I was told to stand in front of these hangar doors and act hyped. I queried who this footage was going out to and they said the whole country I was like 'huh..........' And well got the nerves 'Hi... my name is... Joe... and... er... I...' -take two etc.

After a few attempts they got what they wanted and after a few interviews I got with the form as well 'Hi your with Joe, reporting live from the Xbox 360 launch event and I am totally hyped...' Okay so I wasn't really with it that much as we were on it with the drinks there and I got to meet legends like J Allard, Peter Moore and Larry Hybb. Also got to mix it up with the girls there, they love the accent over there and you only have to walk passed and they literally grab you haha. Met some good people over there and rocked with some fellas from Compton, yes Compton and they were quality. They called me 'England' and I still get messages from them now checking to see how I am doing. I have provided a clip below of me at the event and although you have to wait until the end to see me you get to see me in interview mode haha. Anyway one year on and today I am getting ready for my grandads funeral and helping out finalising everything here.