Friday, November 24, 2006

Decisions, decisons

Work was okay today, had my PDP to go through and it seemed to go well as the outlook was good. Today was full of decisions in regards to Friday night, so much seemed to be going on but no one was out. My friends were either graduating, Zens, house party, boat party and even shooting. The last one scares me as well but it's all good as he has a license, having a license to kill does sound impressive and I would definitely put that on my CV. Anyway with my friends all off the scene and other people wanting to meet up I decided I didn't want to go and meet up with other groups as an individual just in case I got left on my own and forgotten about. Was also not sure whether to be out Friday or Saturday and didn't want to mess with my childrens mums plans either. It all seemed to work out for the best in the end though. I decided that it was all about going to have a drink with the girls and chill out for the night. Saturday would be the one as it's my friends birthday and he has just returned from Brazil so hopefully he will be full of Samba !!