Saturday, November 04, 2006

On it

Last night was wicked, didn't get out until late but there was a few faces I hadn't seen in a while and it was good to get on it. Decided on a new tact, as I was 'denied access' to my friday night haunt a few weeks ago I am going to go in through the other 25's bar which is upstairs and just pass through when they open the doors at eleven. So there is a benefit in me being older haha. My work day passed quickly so it was soon 5:30 and the usual Friday drinks do the rounds in the office where everyone is getting ready for the work week to finish. After I got home I quickly got myself ready and then got a lift to Dartford to meet up with the boys. The WAG's were also out as well but were meeting up with their fellas later that night in Zens.

Once everyone got in Zens it was well lively and I had a right laugh. The DJ plays tunes on a Friday and I was leaping about trying to look good but failing. I spoke to so many people and was introduced to new faces which was good. So many people are now aware of this blog it's funny when I bump into them now and they start asking questions about what's been happening or running from my camera as that don't want to have a bad image uploaded. Come on if you were rough would I really speak to you, I am messing as I always try and show you the pictures I take there and then. I'll have to draw up some disclosure agreement so that I have your approval to upload them haha.

After leaving last night I froze as it was sooo cold and can't believe I am going out shortly to brave the cold conditions to watch a firework display. Been asked to go Drayman tonight by a few people but think I will have to pass as no one else of my lot seems to be feeling it and I don't have a ticket to get in. Hope you all have a well good night as my plans are to go fireworks and then around to my friends. Just come back from a tiger hunt, went down the park with my children and my daughter lost her tiger but he is safe now as I went out and recovered him haha. Off to get ready now as usual I am being long and writing here instead of getting ready first !!