Thursday, November 30, 2006

Free as a bird

Today was the day of my Grandads burial so had a half day at work, the service was last week but his ashes were being put to rest today with my Nans. It was sad as it really felt like it was the end of an era. Everyone except one of my brothers from my family were there. His work wouldn't allow him to leave early which I thought was harsh but may it rest on his employers conscience. It was a short service by the grave, one of the Brothers I used to be an Altar Boy to (that's right when I was younger) said some prayers and a few words. After this my mum and her brother released some Doves to symbolise both my Nan and Grandad going to heaven. After this we went back to my mums for a bit and my brother who wasn't allowed the time off met up with us there.

Got my haircut as well today, think the transport system has issues with me, even if it doesn't I have issues with it haha. It always seems to make me late for one reason or another. Arrived at my appointment 30 minutes late but luckily I was able to get a later booked so went window shopping. Walking around I bumped into a friend who joined me on doing laps around Bluewater to pass the time. She was shopping for Christmas presents, wish I were more on it and organised with shopping for presents. As Christmas is traditional, I am being traditional as every year I leave it late and this year is no different so looking forward to the mad rush haha !!!