Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In my thoughts

Yesterday was sad, it's hard finding out that someone close to you has passed away. A few months ago two of my friends died in a car accident and that was difficult. I had to attend two funerals in a week and seeing so much hurt in their families was hard. It's going to be harder with my grandads funeral as seeing all my relatives at such a sad time will be tough. I'm trying to remain upbeat, as that's how he would have wanted it. He was a fighter until the end and only last week he was trying to get out of the hospital bed and come with us. He's gone to a better place now, to be reunited with my nan as well as that's what he has wanted for so long as he has missed her so much. Well feel for my mum at the moment as she has been my grandads carer for ages now and it's going to be a real void not having to go and visit him or going to his house to help him out. The funeral is next Wednesday so lots to sort out in the mean time.

Decided that it best I go into work today, as the house has been flipped upside down here at the moment due to the loft being sorted out. Should have seen where I sleep yesterday as it was like a boot sale from the living room. My mum just showed me some of my old bears that I used to go to sleep with at night, they look so old now, some of them are older than me so been around a few years. Once I get my own place I will pass them on to my children. Work passed quite quickly, people gathered something was on my mind as I was more quiet than usual but it can be expected obviously. The person who usually sits next to me at work is away at the moment so I am kept busy using my own initiative for once haha. Received a copy of Gears of War today, thank you Microsoft. Been looking forward to this game for a while and been playing through it this evening to keep me occupied. I'll post some thoughts on it over the week but so far I am impressed, you can track my progress as always by clicking on my Gamercard to the right. Anyway until tomorrow...