Thursday, November 23, 2006

Suddenly everything is right, huh ??

My Grandads funeral went well yesterday, it was a sad day and hard seeing my family upset. The service was good and the music played was really touching as they were songs my Grandad used to listen to. After the church we went back to my mums for the wake where we had a good celebration of his life and credit to the caterers as they did a great job with their preperation. All in all it was a day that was difficult but it was good to see everyone coming together to remember what a great man my Grandad was !!

Had a blog update today so now I log in with Google and I am able to add labels to my posts. When I have a chance I will go through and add these down the right hand column for quick viewing. I want to go for something similar to how Major Nelson has his blog as I love the Community Server set up as it is FIT haha. My colleague who I sit next to at work is moving to our other offices tomorrow, well screwing as I enjoy his company and a downer to see him move on. His going to be back at the end of each day but still I enjoy the banter we have, me trying it on with him to wind him up and his knowledgeable stories. Life goes on though and it's not as though he is disappearing as he is only down the road. Got paid today finally and my brain failed and I forgot my bank pin. How screwing as I wanted to get some shoes, my manager was a legend though as she lent me the money until tomorrow. Had a good laugh over Bluewater where we went to check for shoes as I was in good company. Was still a little short to take advantage of buy one get one half price offer but regardless of that got one pair and had a mooch about and checked a few stores. Weekend starts tomorrow and not sure what the plans are at the moment. Uncertainty surrounds everyone on what to do and as I am feeling over so confused I'll end with a Paulo Nutini video as a tribute to my shoes...