Saturday, November 11, 2006

One night extravaganza, well almost

A fully poseable Joe action figure should be created, that's right and that's what I believe. At work we just got a 42" Plasma and the child in me put together this nifty looking robot costume from the packaging. Move out the way transformers and take note ASOS as this is going to be the look of Spring 2007 haha. Work is good at the moment and contrary to belief I am a lot busier and taking on more all the time to my role. Which benefits me and does this mean that I am actually becoming a responsible adult. Maybe, I don't know, I figured I was since I am a role model to two children and have to show them the way. Well try to anyway and I am sure they would be proud of my action figure poses above haha.

On the subject of poseable action figures anyway, the usual suspects were out in force tonight, and although we were all geared up the night didn't seem to hit top gear but the poses were there haha. The rain was a downer but it seemed that there was something in the air tonight and it wasn't the usual vibe. It wasn't just me feeling this either as the bouncers seemed a lot more active than usual as I saw them tearing through the crowds several times to sort out situations. I've been seeing this girl for the last few months and tonight that came to an end. Nothing serious causing us to break up but things have just felt different over the last fortnight. I'll miss her companionship though as we had some good laughs and nights out together and her hearts in the right place. Althought the night didn't hit top gear it was still a good night, with some comical dance offs and off key dancing.

The group of girls we usually meet up with had some drama, don't know too much about that at the moment but hope you're all okay all the same. Last week waiting after the night for a taxi was painful in the cold. Decided to bring a coat for tonight and it will be the only time I do so as something happened in the cloak room that held us up for an hour. No idea what but it took an age to get our coats. In waiting in the queue me and one of the girls who was with me through the Great Cold of November 4th (who incidentally also brought a coat) we got talking to these fellas. I thought they were just vibing but apparently one of them took a shine to me and informed the girl I was with what he would like to do to me. Nice, and he questioned me about how nice it was meeting me and wanted to pull the hair on my chest. Take some steps back there pal and see you around hahaha. We went off into the night anyway and some of our friends were still waiting outside for us to get a cab home, legends !!

Just at home with my children today, not really got any plans other than playing and teaching my daughters Nintendogs puppy tricks. Not long until the football starts, my brother has gone to the match today, where is the love brother as I would like to know when you are going as I am also a fan. Not sure what or if any plans I have for later but if it's exciting I'm sure to get well into it !!