Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Girl's Birthday

Woke up today and after getting ready and leaving for work I rang my daughter to sing her happy birthday. She was in a great mood and singing along with me, I could feel her vibe and her joy at reaching her birthday as she has been anticipating this for a while. Told her that I would be there to meet her from school and she cheered and I rocked on to work haha. Only a half day and a long support call soon took up all of my day (morning). Very funny to the person who suggested that I was a part timer as good call although I was left with an enjoyable afternoon, where were you ?? Anyway met my girl from school and she was well on form and in a wicked mood and so much so that she wanted me to carry her all the way home, love it haha.

The party was good and friends and family were there, I was nervous about seeing her family but they were cool as they spoke to me and chatted about going out which was good. My daughter is a babe, on the journey home we had been talking about me getting a car and every card that she opened that had money in she would cheer and run to me yelling that she had money to help me buy one. Legend. Her party was good and went really well and my daughter enjoyed herself. It was sad to leave at the end of the night as the two of my children were tearful but they understood deep down I was never going to be there the duration. She loved the Nintendo DS Lite anyway and it was novelty teaching her dog in her game it's name haha. Rock on !!