Friday, November 03, 2006

Sweet like chocolate

Yesterday was an introduction to just how big chocolate bars can get, I'm not joking this bar was huge and if my phone was blogging properly I would have a picture online now to show the size of it (edit - picture added) . The chocolate bar is a present he got for someone and how the dentist is going to love him as I am sure that he will be visiting once he works his way through it. Well worth getting as a christmas present for someone if you are lacking ideas as everyone in my office was well impressed with it. Didn't really get a chance to get on the PC last night to type but not too much happened to write about. Saw my children after work and got to have a look at their school photos, they look wicked so ordered several copies both indvidually and of them together. They came around for a brief period after work to rock out and it was a crazy 45 minutes while we danced, raced and drove my parents mad. I see them just itching to leave and visit my grandad who is in hospital at the moment.

He is really poorly and for someone who in my eyes is a legend it's difficult seeing him struggling. Going to visit him soon as he's been in and out of hospital a lot lately but he's been kept in a few weeks now. I feel for him as I hated the times when I was in hospital, Nil By Mouth is horrible and when I popped my foot open I couldn't eat or move which was annoying. Especially as I had some guy next to me who had his fingers cut off and stitched back on and they were using Leeches to try and regain the sensation. Nice, especially when they were in a jar next to my bed. The other time I was in hospital was tough as I got bottled in the face several times, the hardest part of that was that I was let home after a week and had to go back in again for another week. So well feeling for my grandad as it must be tough being there and unlike me he doesn't know when he is coming home :(

Onto other events and not sure what the plans are for me tonight, I am well skint but will still probably end up getting in the mix. It's bonfire night this weekend as well so looking forward to taking my children to a show but hope it's not too cold. Then probably OHM on the Sunday if anyone is on it and hopefully they will be. Whether my plans change I don't know as I am just going to go where the mood takes me !!