Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Let the pictures do the talking

Back to work today and it was normality resumed although it seems like a few people are now getting this 'bug' that's going around. Kind of feel for you all as it's not very nice and if it's what I picked up then hope it doesn't last longer than a day. We invented a game at work today which involved 5 dice and getting them all to land on the 6. Very hard to achieve and apparently the probability is 7776/1 so this game is going to last a while. Managed to get 4 - 5's but we were miles off from our target. Until tomorrow my friend as the game will resume... After work is blinding as no matter what day I have I get greeted by the Lite man who is wicked as he is always full of smiles and with character like that I hope he goes far.

Tomorrow is a special day as it's the birthday of someone who also has bundles of character and there is no word that can describe how proud I am of her. She is a real princess and someone I could spend hours talking to as she is intelligent, funny, full of ideas and a real angel. In such a short space of time she has grown into a beautiful little girl and my boy idolises her. If I could of had an older sister I would want her to be exactly like my daughter as she is someone to really admire and look up to. In the words of Andy Gray 'Let the pictures do the talking as below are a few of the images I have taken of her recently...

Hopefully tomorrow is everything she wishes for and even though a few of her friends have been taken ill I hope that her party goes well and that she has a great day. I know I will be celebrating as can't believe that my baby is going to be six !!