Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The hard way

Hahaha to everyone that has been lead to believe that I am in the league of being able to pull someone as high profile as the person in the picture below. I thank you as had a good laugh and my story about pulling her in Bouji's was a good mock up from reading celebrities adventures from the newspapers. I wouldn't mind being able to mingle with the people we read about but I think that a lot of them have forgotten where they came from. And also the reason they are where they are is due to people admiring them and looking up to them and buying into their success. Try not to step on them as we'll be there to the end we aren't judging like newspapers as that's an opinion and we make our own advances.

Lets go round again, ready to turn back the hands of time, unlikely but I am enjoying speaking to my childrens mum as I get loads more access to my children. Take tonight for instance, while she went Christmas shopping I came home from work and taught my children how to play pretend guitars while listening to Razorlight. I am well into them at the moment, and my favourite song from the album is 'Before I fall to Pieces'. My kids and me were proper jumping around and wearing all these beads around our necks. I had a right laugh as people always joke about dancing like your dad and my boy is already there as he moves just like me haha.

The downside of having a laugh is that when it's bed time it is a real mood killer. My daughter accepted that it was time to go to bed, where as my son threw the beads at the wall and yelled at me. Made me feel sad but later speaking to my mum she said it's probably out of frustration he responded like that as he knows I won't be there in the morning and he enjoys having fun. As he was upset I let my daughter stay up with me until he was settled and when their mum returned from shopping I spoke to her a bit and then took to walking my Green Mile home. Luckily enough my brother and girlfriend were outside their home and gave me a lift home, result. Going to bed now anyway as even though it's not really an early night, it is the earliest I have been to bed for a few days !!