Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend is almost over

That's right if you weren't already aware of it the weekend is almost over, haven't really done anything the last two days really but had a laugh none the less. Had my children around yesterday and although they weren't around too long we got on it with the games. One game involved sticking small circular stickers to ourselves, mainly over our faces and this proved to be eventful as I will explain further on. Anyway my friend has just purchased a new car and he came around to show it to me with his sister.They came in for a short while and we had a laugh celotaping my children up so that they couldn't escape haha. At this point their mum arrived as she was picking them up early for a party they were attending. As I weren't doing anything else my friend invited me to Bluewater and the start of my experiment.

Not really that impressive test but wanted to see what people's reactions would be to me walking about acting oblivious to the stickers. It was well funny, the highlight being going into Holland & Barratt and trying to get the person to provide me with the best spot cure. She took offence to it and didn't get the joke, I wasn't trying to offend her in anyway but that's how she took the joke. Then me, my friend and his sister got on it asking what all the tablets did and got this assistant racing about haha. Bored off the stickers after a few hours but it was funny seeing people stare and nudge their friends. Credit to the people I was with as well as they didn't seem to mind too much haha. That evening I felt burnt out so had a sleep and then watched the movie I mentioned in my late post yesterday. Today has been another easy day, got an invite down to my childrens house today so spent most of the day with them. Rarely get down there anymore but their mum wanted me to come down there for the day and play with them and their toys. We had a great play and they enjoyed me being there which was cool. Me and their mother got on well today as well, even when I was on a wind up trying to take a picture..

Happy for their sake though as they wanted me to stay there longer but had to move on when night loomed for them to go to sleep. No one on it tonight so spent a few hours on the phone and listening to music and now I am off to bed ready for the working week to start. Roll on the 2007 bank holidays...