Saturday, November 18, 2006

A not so 'Hilarious' night

My friend at work set me a theme for last night, the theme was 'hilarious' and although this seemed like it would be a great night with getting people on it the joke was on me. Why, because reaching the club just after ten I was stopped at the door and informed that I was still barred. Downer, that's right and asking when I could return, I was told December. Petty if you ask me and with Christmas approaching I hope Santa brings him nothing haha. Anyone journeyed home and thought I would call up my childrens mum. I still have strong feelings for my estranged partner as although she caused me a tonne of hurt she is my childrens mum and when we get on they love it. I have to try and curb my feelings and not let them run away from me. What I mean by this is that I care a lot about the ideal scenario but in all honesty that isn't going to happen. Too much water under the bridge for any reconsiliation. Why do I write so much about my personal feelings people probably wonder, well the way I see it is that we all learn from experiences and in writing about it I guess in some way it helps.

Anyway back to the subject of the call and phoned her to say about them kicking me out and she informed me that she was on a date. Is she rubbing it in, is she testing my resolve, is she seeing how I respond. I don't know but what I do know is that it hurts. Then they say all things come in three's and got a text from someone else that felt like I had just walked into a large sign saying BOTHERED haha. That resolved it self over the course of the night though and so I sat indoors watching some ghost watch show and I struggle to believe this is happening and witnessed some guy getting beaten by a ghost and another acting as their voice, very weird and glad I am not in too many Friday nights.

Went to see Chelsea today, had to go quite early as well so sadly no children to visit me which was a shame. A big thank you to the person that I went with as she was a legend sorting that out. It was a great day out even with sitting in the Away section as she supported West Ham. In all fairness she sat with my last year at Stamford Bridge in the same fixture, then the Chelsea faithful gave them some proper stick. This time around I had to listen to them ranting and hurling abuse at the Family Section, nice one you 'Irons' I am sure that you are supporters to fear. Good game though and West Ham gave us a good match, it finished 1 - 0 from a Geremi freekick and it was difficult just standing there and not cheering but it was a good feeling considering the banter I had been listening to as the brief quiet was satisfying haha. After the match it was fast forward mode for me as tonight we are heading to New Cross to go to the Venue. Makes a change from the usual so well going to get on it tonight !!