Monday, November 06, 2006


Today wasn't a very good day in the world of Joe, woke up this morning feeling blue. Chelsea lost yesterday which put me on a downer but went out for a couple of hours to see some friends to end the weekend on a better note. Was a vibing night out although weren't out too long as it's not about drinking too much on a school night.

Anyway after coming home and crashing out I woke up feeling well out of the game. Hate having to take time off of work as I feel like I drop the rest of my team in it. Especially Mondays as it looks like I overdone it on the weekend and didn't recover in time. Anyway today was all about me feeling rough and sleeping, kept waking up with different members of my family in the house which was strange as unlike most days everyone seemed to pass through. Finally feeling better now though at eleven o'clock and I am hoping that I will sleep through the night as don't want to have sleeped up all my sleeps through the day leaving me up all night haha if that makes any sense.